Property Law has become forefront of many matters and the simple reason for this is because property continues to be a persons main investment/asset and even if you are not on the property ladder it may just be a matter of time.

Below are examples of some of the property work Proctor Moore has expertise to provide best service and advice.

    • Sale/Purchase
      Whether you are selling or buying we can provide you with the right advice and in accordance with your needs. If you are a first time buyer we understand this is an awaited opportunity for you. With this is mind, we are happy to provide you with a service suitable for your needs.

      Transfer of equity
      We receive many enquiries and have acted for numerous clients in relation to this type of work and we are happy to provide our assistance.

      There are a number of reasons why transfer of equity is required e.g. for trust purposes, or simple buy-out/gift. We may need to transfer the title of the property into the name of the person/company and/or create a trust to deal with the beneficial ownership.

    • Sale/Purchase
      We provide sales and purchase advice for any commercial property/land type – whatever your requirements and the location of the property. We have acted for clients with regard to land acquisition out of the London and within the City.

      We are aware that clients require a quick transaction and we will do our utmost to ensure the best turnaround time and without compromise with regard to service. We carefully plan out the process to be seamless and we keep the client updated throughout.

      You may consider planning issues before sale or purchase and this is a very important aspect for the client. We are client focused and know that providing the right service will complement the investment purpose the client has in mind. Whatever your needs, we have vast experience to ensure your best interest is paramount.

    • Rent Increase
      We are able to provide advice for landlord who wishes to obtain rent increase from their tenant and the process differs on the property type i.e. residential or commercial.

      Lease Review
      We can review your lease and this service is usually provided during initial consultation. If further work is provided you will be advised and costing be provided.

      Lease Renewal
      We can advise you with regard to the renewal of your lease and this will be the case if your lease that its terms has come to an end. We act for landlord or tenants in these circumstances.

      Assigning Lease
      A tenant may wish to assign their rights held within a lease to another person. This requires a process whereby the landlord will need to give consent. We are happy to assist throughout this process.

      Please note, we are happy to accept instructions from any landlord, tenant or an assignee but not for more than one in same transaction as this would be a potential conflict of interest.