We provide a Will writing service in accordance with today’s legal requirements.

Our Wills operate worldwide because it covers all assets wherever situate.

We work to ensure the process is kept as convenient to you as possible.

We charge £250.00 (including VAT) per Will.

The process is as follows:

1. You attend the office for an initial consultation so that we can open a file and obtain your instructions.
2. When your instructions are obtained we will draft your Will for your approval.
3. Once you approve your Will we print a final version for execution i.e. signed by you before two witnesses.
4. After execution your Will is legally binding.
5. We offer to keep your original Will in our fire proof safe at no extra charge. Alternatively you can retain your original Will, however we do not store copy documents beyond 6 years.

Please feel free to telephone us should you have any questions.